The Australian Magazine Group offers its advertising partners a local alternative to promote your products and services.

AMG’s local approach to its editorial content provides a local context for its advertising. Multiple surveys show our audience care about the issues, individuals, community groups and independent businesses in proximity to where they work, live and play.

Our editorial mandate is to shine a light on the good things happening just across the street, down the road, or over the hill. Our local businesses also play an integral part of the good that happens in our neighbourhoods. Therefore, our vision is to offer local businesses the opportunity to present themselves as part of the fibre that makes our communities unique. 

Technology has made online advertising more and more complicated. Media acquisitions and mergers have eliminated most local editorial journalism. So, our solution was to create a national network of community magazines connecting local advertisers with positive local editorial.

We’re reeling the process back to a simpler time where advertisers can easily promote their products or services to the consumers most likely to frequent their businesses regularly. These are people who live, work and play within a 10-minute walk from their entrance.

We offer several advertising opportunities for businesses to present themselves locally, in an invested manner, aligning themselves with community groups and positive forces that bring the residents together.

Post Covid: Change in shopping destinations

A net increase in consumers visiting local shopping precincts is expected

As many consumers worked from home and were forced to shop nearby, the research suggests they may have rediscovered local gems.

According to the research, a net 5% of consumers say they will frequent their local suburban shopping centres and neighbourhood stores more often in 2022 than they did pre-pandemic.

More likely to shop locally more in 2022 than pre-pandemic