We're ready to support your local writers, photographers and videographers

...and could use your assistance.

We're ready to go.

We’ve developed Australia’s premiere network of lifestyles magazines. We’re ready to deliver an abundance of quality community-based articles to residents in hundreds of communities within Australia’s largest metropolitan and regional centres while offering thousands of local independent businesses an exclusive platform to promote their products and services to a local audience.

We’re enthusiastic about our online magazine network and confident our unique business model will benefit the individuals, local groups and independent businesses.

Most exciting of all, throughout Australia, we’re in a position to make use of the abundance of writers, editors, photographers, and videographers in various stages of their careers by offering paid editorial opportunities in their communities. We’re inviting them to delve into the positive and write about the individuals, groups and places around them and what makes their communities unique.

We've aligned local audiences, local writers and local independent businesses.

Our three mission points:

Local Content

To deliver community-based, human interest articles focusing on the individuals and groups that make Australia's metropolitan communities unique in an entertaining, engaging and positive manner.

Local writers, photographers & videographers

To use on priority, the talent pool of the of locally based writers, photographers and videographers throughout Australia's metropolitan communities.

Local Independent businesses

To provide affordable advertising opportunities to local independent businesses to audiences most likely to frequent their businesses on a regular basis.

Our mandate:

At the same time, we’re impatient and have found ways to get things moving faster while we move through our incubation process, including developing and training our editorial and marketing teams. We’ve strategically planned a 60 day program to turbo charge our program.

Sixty Day Objectives

600 Business profiles published

We’re offering 600 businesses throughout Australia (100 per city) to post their business profiles. We’ll promote the business profiles daily through our social media channels.

6000 Facebook page likes

We aim to earn 6000-page likes (1000 per city). This will help us increase exposure and connect individuals to their communities.

How you can help: “Like” the Facebook page in your city and share it among your friends. Pick your city from the menu below:

Publish 300 local editorial pieces

We want to publish 300 human interest stories (50 per city)— these remunerated editorial pieces will be using the talents of local writers, photographers and videographers within your community. This initiative will cost $30,0000 and kickstart the magazine’s editorial mandate.


Contribute to the local editorial department in your community magazine

In addition to inviting 500 businesses throughout Australia to post free business profiles which we will promote daily through our social media channels during our incubation period, we are offering early adopters the opportunity to financially contribute to editorial content development.

We will allocate all of the contributed funds from a specific community back into that geographic area to support local writers, editors, photographers and videographers right away.

In exchange for the contribution, we will honour four times the value of the gift in advertising value.* See small print

Small Print

If you are not a business owner: Suppose the person who contributes does not have a business to promote. In that case, they are welcome to allocate their contribution to a local company, and we will honour four times the value in advertising to the company for the year.

Limited Quantities Available: As advertising space is limited we are capping the financial contributions to $5000/city for a global amount of $30,000. This offer will be available until August 31st, 2022 or we reach our goal; whichever comes first.